about the company

The company hobbydev is a small business for software and hardware development. It is designed to help some private work to come into the commercial world if another business need them. We are a group of crazy and serios inventors and like to support new fresh ideas. The target are new designs that the world has not seen before. You can contact hobbydev if you need some smaller support out of our knowlege or if you need some support with our private projects. The name hobbydev say what we represent on the market. It is a business to share our private hobby work and make contacts to each other. As a company without any commercial success pressure you will find very inuvative inventions.
Simple ask for support or inventions and you get closer to a known fitting developer. This service is free of costs.

Main software support:
- C / C++ firmware programming
- picbasic / basic
- object oriented languages
- web development in php and mysql
- driver and kernel development
- API development
- robot development
- game plugin development
- OpenGL / DirectX
- Android hardware and software

Reference Project:
- X-Sim motion simulator software
- Open Source Arduino PID firmware
- Android CarPC power managment app
- Thermolyzer temperature logger
- Multi control für test applications
- Tinitus phase tone generator
- Pneumatic valve control board
- Crypto and secured business software

You like to contact us?
No problem, email to admin@hobbydev.com or leave a message right below.
You will find our impress here.

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